Zappos Just Ordered Me a Pizza


In Social Media Marketing, there are two pervasive urban legends. One is that Twitter is only for people who like to tweet about their breakfast (I’ve proven that assumption wrong here).

The other is that Zappos customer service is SO good, their support people will even order a pizza for you if that’s what you want. Well, up until yesterday, I THOUGHT this was an urban legend. I was wrong…it’s TRUE!

It started out with me checking out a Twitter Chat – #insidezappos – run by the staff at Zappos to give people a better idea of the corporate culture at online retailer. Since I’d heard rumors about people calling their support line and asking for all kinds of crazy stuff (like ordering a pizza for you if that’s what you wanted) I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask the people behind the brand itself if they’s actually done this for customers.

You can actually click through the Slideshare presentation, below, to see how the actual conversation on Twitter transpired between me and a few of the Zappos recruiters who happened to be active on the Twitter chat.

Excellent Customer Service Is the New Normal

As you probably figured out by now (and via the Vine video at the top of this post), yes, Zappos really WILL deliver a pizza for you – even though it has NOTHING to do with their core service offerings.


Because it’s cool. It’s unexpected. People like me, who are connected on social media, will not only talk about the Zappos brand but they’ll shout it from the rooftops – “ZAPPOS IS AWESOME!”

That kind of unsolicited advocacy is worth its weight in gold megapixels!

For example, earlier in the day of my conversation with Zappos, I was interviewed by an Israeli social media monitoring company, Oktopost. They asked me to name – off the top of my head – a couple of brands that inspired me for their social media marketing. Zappos was one of two companies that IMMEDIATELY came to mind (you can see who the other one was via Question 8, here).

This pizza delivery just happened a couple of days ago. I’ve created a Vine video, I’ve tweeted and Facebooked it, and it’s been shared thousands of times already across the social media sphere, worldwide. The cost to Zappos? Negligible in the grand scheme of things.

So, I encourage you, whatever brand you represent, to follow the lead of Zappos. Impress your customers – even if they’re not your customers today. We live in a world where anyone and EVERYONE can be an influencer and a global advocate for your brand. When you build a reputation for unparallelled excellence in your field, people WANT to amplify your story and will go out of their way to do so, especially when you go out of YOUR way to make it happen!

– Don (aka @donpower) Power

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