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YouTube is becoming more important as brands look to expand the use of video as a quality engagement opportunity.

LEGO is a great example of a brand invested in YouTube and is consistently growing a large video subscriber base on the platform.

Businesses of any size can build the same type of resource.

One technique that can help you right away is taking advantage of a simple YouTube feature that most channels ignore.

When a new viewer lands on your Youtube page, you can control the video that starts playing right away.

YouTube calls this video placement your channel’s featured content. And you can even target new visitors for your channel for a “Channel Trailer.”

This is a powerful default option. Make sure you are using this feature and create tailored content for this specific purpose.

youtube channel trailer

One of my favorite YouTube marketing experts, Owen Hemsath over at Videospot, recommends creating something he calls a subscriber video for this featured content.

A subscriber video is simply a video created to ask first time viewers of your YouTube channel to subscribe to your channel.

This is a huge opportunity for a few reasons:

  • More than 50% of your YouTube video views, on average, will come from subscribers
  • Subscribers are more likely to see, like, and share your video
  • Subscribers are more likely to click links and buy from you
  • Subscriber counts drive view counts. And your view count is the #1 metric that everyone looks to, whether they are media, customer, or brands looking for partnerships
  • Improved subscriber data in YouTube analytics
  • Subscriber videos are a great tool for increasing session time and in turn YouTube search performance (see #5 below)

Subscriber videos are a little different than what you are already doing on YouTube. Here are 5 tips from Owen for making one that converts. Check out his full video here.

1. Introduce yourself

Say hello to the audience, tell them about yourself and your role in the company. Provide credibility and share why you are on Youtube.

2. Identify the audience

Let them know if they belong, if this is the right place for them. Describe the perfect audience for this channel and what their needs are. Connect with them. You’re goal is not to go viral, it’s to find the right audience.

3. Call to action

Make a clear request for them to click the subscribe button and tell them why. Give them reasons to subscribe without begging them to subscribe.

4. Share a vision

Express your vision for the future of this channel. Sell them on the vision, make them a part of this.

5. Restate call to action

Re-ask for them to subscribe and guide them to other relevant videos for them to watch next. Those next videos can pitch products, services, or other calls to action.

These additional videos increase what Youtube calls session time. How much a viewer watches in a row on your channel for multiple videos. Session time is key because it also really helps your videos rank in YouTube search and recommendations.

Here is what Owen’s subscriber video looks like for VideoSpot:

If you want YouTube to work for your business, a subscriber video is a key piece in your arsenal. Follow this template and watch the fans roll in.

If you need to tweak the template for your brand voice, channel style, or another call to action that is more relevant for your YouTube and social goals, follow those instincts as well.

Here are a couple examples from larger brands.

Trend Micro



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