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Social Media + Content = Brand Expereince

Brian Solis (@briansolis) joins the podcast this week from the Altimeter Group, where he works as a Principal Analyst, to discuss his new book, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design,” a textbook, really, on the importance of experience architecture, how to build it and why they will come. We talk social media tools, content marketing, writing, video creation, and brand experience.

Brian is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders, keynote speakers, and best-selling authors in innovation and digital transformation.

Altimeter Group is the only leading analyst firm to publish free and independent research and is dedicated to celebrating excellence with integrity and humility. Brian is a leading analyst with them and shares his findings with us.

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In This Episode

  • App of the week (Firetalk)
  • The importance of experiences and how to design them
  • What questions to ask and the power of empathy
  • Revolution TV with Brian Solis
  • Tools to help with writing and creating books (Word, Scrivener, Powerpoint, Keynote)
  • How to distinguish your current brand promise and how to improve it


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