Make Image Editing Simple Inside Of WordPress [VIDEO]


Image Editing on WordPressYour blog is a cake and images are the icing. For many bloggers finding the right images to compliment their content can be difficult.

Even more difficult can be editing those images to fit the space and blog formatting. Designers have Photoshop on their side. For those of us without Photoshop, luckily, WordPress has a built in photo editing feature that can solve most image editing problems you have.

On Social Fresh, we use the WordPress image editing for 3 different types of image types. The below how to video will show you how to scale and crop these images easily.

If you cannot see the video above, find the full Image Editing on WordPress here.

NOTE: If you need to scale and image AND crop it, it is usually best to crop it first and then scale.


What other challenges have you faced on your corporate blog?


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