Why Email List Building Is Your Number One Priority

by | Jun 28, 2011

Epic List Building WebinarTomorrow I get to spread some email list building knowledge with some very cool people. Join Chris Brogan, DJ Waldow, Peter Shankman and myself as we team up to talk email lists.

If you missed it before, we made a pretty badass video trailer for the webinar (see it at the bottom of the post if you missed it). Yes, a trailer, like for a movie. Yes, it is overboard. Yes it was fun to do. No, I am not giving out any autographs right now. Sorry.

Yesterday, DJ asked me a simple question about why email list building is important for a business and then I got to share a pretty unknown fact about Chris Brogan. I hope Chris doesn’t mind.

Anyways, don’t miss this killer, free webinar. I know there are a limited number of seats and I am pretty sure we are close to a full house. Looking forward to it.

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And for good measure, here is the trailer once more.


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