What Are Your Biggest Social Media Pain Points?


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At Social Fresh our purpose is to help marketers use social media to build better businesses. We do that here on the blog, through our online webinars and Academy, and at our social media conferences.

So my question to you is…

What are your biggest pain points?

What social media task, strategy, platform gives you the most trouble? Where do you lose the most time? Where do you need to improve results?

Leave your topics, questions, and pain points in the comments below and we will use them for future content from SocialFresh.com and Social Fresh conferences.

And a bonus…

Every person that leaves a comment on this post, telling us what question they most need answers to, will get a $150 coupon code for the next Social Fresh conference, Social Fresh EAST.

Our advanced ticket pricing of $397 has been expanded for one more week until Monday, January 24th at midnight. With the coupon code, you will pay $247. We rarely offer a ticket price at this value.

 A few of the speakers for Social Fresh EAST include:


  • Scott Monty of Ford
  • Jay Baer of Convince&Convert (Author of The Now Revolution)
  • Chris Penn of WhatCounts (Author of Marketing White Belt)
  • Josh Karpf of Pepsi
  • Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot (Author of B2B Social Media Book)
  • Shauna Causey of Nordstrom
  • Adrian Parker of RadioShack
  • Jesse Catlin of eMarketer
  • Chuck Hemann of Edelman Digital

To get the discount…

All you have to do is:

  1. Include a question or pain point in the comments below
  2. Include an email address in your content form so we can get back in touch
  3. Wait for our reply with the $150 coupon code


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