WEBINAR: Building A Social Agency


One of our very smart Social Fresh partners, Argyle Social, is hosting a webinar this Thursday on Building A Social Agency.

Social media agencies are a large part of the Social Fresh audience. And they drive much of the innovation in social media.

If I had to select a single person to speak about building a social agency, it would be the very guy that Argyle Social has partnered on for this webinar, Jim Tobin, founder of Ignite Social Media.

Check out the full info on the webinar below OR register now…

If you work at an agency, you will definitely learn something during this talk.

WEBINAR: Building a Social Agency

January 26, 2012 at 1PM to 2PM EST

Do you help clients build and manage social media marketing programs? Build your social agency with guidance from the best. Jim Tobin, founder of the original social media agency, Ignite Social Media, will share his secrets for growing one of the dominant social media marketing agencies.

During this webinar you will learn:

  1. How do you build value around social media marketing during the sales process?
  2. How do you scale from client 1 to client 100?
  3. How do you focus on value creation and avoid being the social media help desk?

Join Jim and Eric–it’s going to be good.

This webcast will be recorded. We’ll send a link after the webinar to anyone who signs up, so submit the form above even if you can’t make it. 


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