Video Builds Business – A Gary Vaynerchuk Interview


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Quality interview here with Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) of Wine Libray TV by the Viddler crew. There are 2 cool things happening in this video you should take note of. Vaynerchuk knows how to make video work for a business. And not as an occasional investment in viral videos or internal training videos, but as a major content offering from a brand. His is a great example to look at if your business is considering becoming a publisher, creating content that augments and compliments your business goals. Also, this video was made by Viddler, the online video player that Vaynerchuk uses instead of the ubiquitous YouTube. They are featuring their product in a subtle way while offering valuable content to their users and potential new customers.

1. Video is Smart

Vaynerchuk is an animated guy. A big character. A big voice. He knows his niche and he is built for video. And he is the first to tell you that it is not easy to make web video work for your business. That it takes real work and the right person or content in front of the camera. But here is the thing, and Vaynerchuk touches on this in the below interview. Video is a big part of the business empire he is building. From a $250k book deal, to distribution on Hulu, to starting his own agency and XM radio show, Vaynerchuk’s wine videos have helped push him and his business in successful directions. The videos have helped make Gary Inc. a lot of money. And it all started as an extension of Vaynerchuk’s family liquor and wine store. Video was simply a step in making the wine store more successful. An innovative marketing leap. Vaynerchuk took a chance and experimented within a new online channel. It paid off. Tips and Lessons from Gary’s video success story
  • “Know your DNA” – Not everyone is right for being in front of the camera
  • “It’s visual, it feels bigger” – People respond to video in a different way
  • It offers a bigger opportunity to connect than text alone
  • Fewer people do video well, it is a bigger opportunity
  • Video can set a small business apart and open up international opportunities
  • “I think video doesn’t lie” – People see personality in video, it is more genuine
“Anybody who is willing to put in the hard work and anybody who has a little bit of talent or charisma, should really consider video, because it has been a big factor in my world,” said Vaynerchuk.

2. Vidler is Smart

Vidler is no Youtube, but they have a quality video player with some unique features that can really work for some businesses, as Vaynerchuk alludes to in the clip. This video is 80% about Vaynerchuk and his success, but pulls in just enough about Vidler to get people interested in the product. Tips and Lessons from Vidler’s Content Creation
  • Produce really high quality and useful content (doing it for free doesn’t hurt)
  • Feature your biggest fans and high profile users in a personal way
  • Do not overwhelm the audience with buying propositions


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