Understanding Gender Stats on Instagram [Infographic]


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A new infographic from Instagram analytics company Nitrogram breaks down gender distribution of Instagram users across the globe. They found that while just a few short months ago Instagram (and most visual social networks) skewed heavily female, men are now slightly edging out women, 51% to 49%.

You can check out the full infographic below, but here are some highlights:

– Southeast Asia and Russia show strong adoption by women whereas The Middle East is dominated by men
– There are more men among top accounts (59% of Instagram users with over 10k followers are men)
– More than half of the US Instagram Population is Male
– A-Listers are more equally split: 54% men vs 46% women among accounts with over 1 Million followers
– Top Instagram brands* are followed by slightly more women than men (53% of top brands’ followers are women)
– Top Instagram brands* with a male-dominant audience: Energy drinks and sports
– Top Instagram brands* with a female-dominant audience: Cosmetics and fashion

gender stats on instagram

*Top brands: 50 top brands on the Nitrogram 50
**Data by Nitrogram, inferred from a selection of Instagram public community members


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