Uber Gives A Masterclass With Their Human Content Marketing


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Uber driverUber is a company that is aggressively changing the taxi and private driver industry around the country. They are a leader of the new collaborative economy.

But something else Uber has done since they were founded is focus on the drivers they partner with and the humanity of their product.

Their content marketing has been focused on a human touch, sharing smart data, and a dash of humor . Not to mention a little bit of the absurd, with helicopter rides to the Hamptons and or the option to hail an ice cream truck.

Today, Uber released a video that features their drivers (watch below). It sells the service as a company that lets their driver partners improve their lives with interviews directly from the drivers themselves.

Companies ask me all the time about content marketing examples and video use cases for smaller brands and how to humanize a brand. Well here you go, watch how Uber pulled together a very well produced, and yet simple video, that features the people behind their service.

[View original video]

Also, I suspect this is not too bad of a recruitment tool for new Uber drivers, in addition to telling their product story.


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