5 Twitter Content Ideas For Your Holiday Marketing


twitter marketingTwitter is sending business accounts emails with the 5 suggestions below.

The suggestions are “holiday marketing” suggestions that promote some simple content ideas, promotes Vine, AMEX’s Small Business Saturday, and Twitter-exclusive sales.

The main call to action in the email is a link to sign in to Twitter Ads. Twitter is definitely eager to get more businesses using their ad platform as the company prepares to go public soon.

These types of emails and marketing recommendations are also becoming more common as social networks begin to help teach businesses on their platforms how to be more successful with their social media marketing.


Check-out these Tweet themes to help your business drive more results this season.

Ask followers which holiday products or services they want to see more of, then reply back.

Count down to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas by offering Twitter-only sales to entice followers. See how

Share photos of your business giving back to the community during the season.

Create 6-second Vine videos with how-to content and to reveal new products. Download Vine

Promote a community event or joint offer with business partners leading up to Small Business Saturday. Learn more

Do even more with Twitter Ads to expand your community of followers then amplify your Tweets to extend beyond current followers to reach more customers.

Set your business up for success this holiday season by advertising with Twitter.



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