The Social Tools TV Land Uses To Stay Funny


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Social Toolkit 31: What the Funke?! with Sue Funke. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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Sue Funke, A Comedian AND Senior Digital Brand Manager at TV Land, joins the show to discuss creating a content powerhouse. Along with, the use social media alongside television, an Instagram scheduler that will change your life, the importance of humor and personality within brand messaging, and more of what’s found in Sue Funke’s toolkit. #WhatTheFunke

  • App of the Week: Lily Camera, the drone that follows you. It follows a wrist mounted tracking device. It’s water proof. It will follow and film you in a couple different ways, from behind, and a side profile shot are two of the examples in the video.
  • The prolific use of social media alongside television
    • Reddit and Twitter and the television communities therein
    • Where TV Land viewers are spending the most time
  • The Instagram Scheduler that will change your life
  • How TV Land is publishing content
  • Embedded social media publishers and how it saves Funke and her team the most money
  • How TV Land is using Instagram
    • The use of videos, still photos, photos with text
    • Engagement levels of shows on Instagram and how they compare to Facebook
    • Monitoring engagement of actors and the show during the show
  • The Funke Toolkit
  • The importance of humor and personality as communicated by a brand
    • How Sue incorporates her humor into the TV Land communications
    • How amateur comedians listening at home can improve their social media comedy stylings
    • Being funny as yourself vs. not trying to be funny
  • The tracking metrics and analytics tools of TV Land


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