Top Youtubers Make $276,000 a Year [WEBINAR]


Youtube is a valuable platform for many brands, but the real kings of the video social network are independent video producers, often called Youtubers.

OpenSlate, a video advertising vendor, shared some valuable data on their research of the top 1,000 Youtube channels.

These leading Youtubers make on average $23,000 a month, or $276,000 a year. Outside of the top 1,000, Youtube also pays out some level of advertising revenue to over 1 million Youtube accounts.

Read Write Web points out that the 1 million number is more than the U.S. television industry employs. Though the majority of Youtube’s checks likely don’t amount to a full time job.

What we see with these stats from OpenSlate is the rise of a new media class. More and more independent content producers are making a living on building an audience, whether it is on Youtube, Twitter, or through a blog.

The most professional of these top content creators might be those on Youtube. They have spent years churning out videos weekly or even daily – scripting, shooting, and editing hundreds of videos. Today, many use full studio setups and work with other Youtubers on teams.

Many of the most popular Youtube channels are also backed by larger businesses, like the 25% of them from the music industry.


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