16 Social Media Tools The Experts Swear By


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Keeping up on the freshest social media tools and software is a pretty difficult challenge for the average social marketer.

New tools are being released all the time. Old ones are retired or acquired or lose that one key feature you really needed them for. And testing every new option is not realistic.

To help you weed through the options out there for measuring, publishing and monitoring, we reached out to past Social Fresh Conference (our social media conference) speakers.

The answers covered a wide set of solutions that every social marketer should know about. From some of the oldest tools, Radian6 and Tweetdeck, to some of the most popular, Buffer and Simply Measured, to several tools that you probably do not know about.

Check out full list below. If we missed your favorite social media tool or software, be sure to let us know in the comments.

1. Buffer


Matthew Knell, @MatthewKnell
We’re big fans of Buffer because of its simplicity and it’s ability to plug into a bunch of other content aggregation / curation tools (Feedly, Pocket, Mention) to make content easier to find. Their addition of Feeds is a huge one for sites like ours with lots of content, and their Business has pretty great Google Analytics integration.

2. Simply Measured


Kristy Bolsinger, @kristy
Simply Measured. Hands down. They just keep creating valuable assets in their reporting suite. Easy to use measurement and engagement tracking, and now with GA integration you can gain a pretty holistic POV on your digital efforts.

3. Oktopost


Tom Martin, @TomMartin
I’m becoming a big fan of Oktopost because it lets me differentiate between clicks & conversions at the social media post/tweet level.

4. Swarm


Ryan Boyles, @therab
Swarm. Foursquare is evolving geo-social again in interesting ways reminding us context is king in social media and networking!

5. Tweetdeck


Kevin Vine, @KevinTVine
It would have to be Tweetdeck, although I know that’s not the most creative answer. It just does what I need it to do.

6. Twibble


Jason Keath, @jasonkeath
RSS to Twitter publishing options. Incredibly simply and great for blogs that just want to make sure each posts goes out to their network simply. Lots of bonus features. Replaces some key abilities that we use to depend on Argyle Social for before they shut down in May of 2014.

7. Contactually


Clay Hebert, @clayhebert
I love @Contactually. It’s a powerful address book, a great lightweight CRM, and it also reminds me to call my grandma regularly. 🙂

8. Grapevine6


Justin Mastrangelo, @JustinPGH
Grapevine6 monitors popular content and then recommends posts via email that might be interesting to my most important LinkedIn connections.

9. LinkedIn


Eric Boggs, @ericboggs
I get more value out of LinkedIn than any other tool or platform. It is a fantastic prospecting / sales resource for B2B marketers.

10. Ghostery


Justin Kistner, @justinkistner
I’m using the Ghostery plugin a lot these days to see if clients have Facebook or Twitter ad pixels in place.

11. HubSpot


Schneider Mike, @SchneiderMike
I love Hubspot because I love to attribute a dollar to a lead to a source.

12. Hootsuite


Adam Q. Holden-Bache, @AdamHoldenBache
HootSuite. Easy to use. Inexpensive. Lots of functionality for the price.

13. Sysomos


Chuck Hemann, @chuckhemann
Sysomos. The platform makes it so easy to garner insights about key stakeholder behavior.

14. Radian6


Christi McNeill, @ChristiMcNeill
For work, my favorite is Radian6. That hasn’t really changed much over the past few years. It continues to do exactly the job it needs to do…no fuss.

15. Qwaya


Victoria Gibson, @VictoriaGibson1
Qwaya, a Facebook Ad Creation Tool – as a Facebook Ads Specialist it saves me a TON of time!

16. Path


CC Chapman, @CC_Chapman
Path is still my favorite because it keeps me connected with my closest friends.


What is your favorite social media tool or software? Let us know in the comments and tell us why.


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