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1. 21 Unique Location Marketing Examples

Foursquare was by far the most requested topic on the site this year up until October. Then Facebook took over.

2. Social Media is the 3rd Era of the Web

Justin Kistner (@JustinKistner) shares with us the stats behind the use of the term Social Media.

3. Behind the Curtain of Old Spice’s Viral Video Mega Hit

Easily the most talked about social media campaign this year, we interview the agency behind the Old Spice viral videos.

4. How Much Money Do Community Managers Make? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This research and info graphic was spawned by a simple community manager Facebook group that is only a couple months old. Someone asked how much community managers make, so we decided to find out.

5. Using Facebook’s Like Button for Marketing

Facebook is increasingly bleeding into our blogs and websites and e-commerce platforms as the Like button has become one of the major social media marketing tools of the year. Justin Kistner (@JustinKistner) explains how big of an opportunity the Like button really is and all the ins and outs of implementation.

6. The 6 Reasons Why People Use Foursquare

Foursquare does a lot of things well. And people use the app for various reasons. To market using the Foursquare platform, it is important to understand these motivations.

7. How To Conduct A Social Media Audit

A lot of companies are jumping into social media right now, and a lot of them are lost when it comes to first steps. Kristy Bolsinger’s (@Kristy) social media audit outline put them on the right path.

8. Marketers are NOT spending their money where users are spending their time

Justin Kistner (@JustinKistner)takes another deep dive into some social stats and asked some challenging questions of marketers and where they are spending their time and resources online.

9. These Facebook Stats Will Make You Love The Like Button

If you are wondering why you should be investing in a Facebook page and integrating the like button more, Justin Kistner (@JustinKistner) looks closely at Facebook’s own numbers to give you a better insight.

10. How To Use The Foursquare Dashboard

Foursquare provides some very nice free analytics for any venue to use. This was a very new tool for most of 2010 and brick and mortars needed some guidance in how to best utilize it for their business.

11. Can Klout Really Measure Influence?

Klout took on a lot of a attention and a lot of controversy late in the year. The question is, could it really be a useful resource for marketers?

12. How To Post To A Facebook Page As “Yourself” When You Are A Page Administrator

Facebook has tons of little quirks that it refused to fix. Not being able to post to a page as yourself when you are an admin is one of the biggest. The few work-arounds that do exist are outlined here by Brandon Uttley (@BrandonUttley). (Facebook ‘accidentally’ turned on a fix for this problem in December and then quickly turned it back off – let’s hope they bring it back soon)

13. 10 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Not Suck

Setting up a Facebook page is easy. Making it dynamic, getting it to really engage the end user and be a successful marketing tool, that is another thing all together. David Wells (@DavidWells) takes a look at some simple ways people can step up their Facebook page performance.

14. The Due Diligence of Sharing Social Media Facts

Social media facts and surveys and studies are everywhere. Tom Webster (@webby2001) of Edison Research helps us recognize how to know which of those studies are worth anything and which ones we should stop ourselves from Retweeting.

15. Is Your Social Media Agency Faking It?

More and more companies are in need of support and consulting when it comes to their social media efforts. Tom Martin (@TomMartin) gives us a strong guide of how to tell if the agency we are thinking about hiring really has the social media chops they say they do.]]>


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