Top 25 BlogWorld Expo NY Takeaways


This year, BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2011 (@blogworld) was in New York City.

Experts and industry gurus from the fields of  blogging and new media shared their knowledge, experience, advice, quirks, techniques and more through sessions and various panels.

Among some of the top industry leaders in attendance were Jay Baer, Jason Falls, Jason Keath, Gini Dietrich, Lee Odden, Shashi Bellamkonda, Shane Ketterman, Jeremy Caplan, Lauren Vargas and more.

Here are some of their most tweeted and most quotable takeaways

  1. Social Media is not an improvisation. It requires governance
    and experiential learning.

    – Jay Baer
  2. Finding the niche community for your blog is important to set
    it apart from other blogs.

    – Lee Odden
  3. Know where your potential customers are whether they are on
    Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, etc, make sure your content is there.

    – Lee Odden
  4. Know and respect that every blogger is different and it’s not the
    same as pitching to a reporter.

    – Jason Falls
  5. Consumer conversation is the tip of the iceberg, you need to
    know what’s going on under the surface.

    – Jason Keath
  6. Have a consistent message across all social media channels
    and have a clear expression of your social media mission.

    – Shashi Bellamkonda
  7. Ask yourself: Would you read what you share?
    – Thomas Haynes
  8. The different between selling and helping is just two letters.
    – Jay Baer
  9. Build relationships early and build trust and credibility over time.
    – Shashi Bellamkonda
  10. There are five building blocks of influence: authority, relevance,
    audience, frequency and emotion.

    – Jason Keath
  11. Make all outreach relevant. Before you make contact,
    read what the blogger is talking about and passionate about.

    –Jason Falls
  12. The best community managers are an extension of the CEO’s voice,
    sharing the vision of the brand in the space with the community.

    – David Spinks
  13. Today we have two types of authors, the purists who only want to
    do the part they love and the enterprisers who build a business.

    – Jonathan Fields
  14. Hire for passion, train for skills.
    – Jay Baer
  15. Create a process to help you use your time better. Bucket tasks
    into the 9 main buckets: email, calendar, tasks, docs, infoscraps,
    feeds, links, contacts and voicemail.

    – Jeremy Caplan
  16. It doesn’t matter what your site looks like at first, it’s the
    content that matters. Just do something. You can refine it later.

    – Shane Ketterman
  17. It’s time to set up some better systems to help us manage
    information overload in the digital era.

    – Jeremy Caplan
  18. Readers are more likely to respond to human answers
    than the same old company line.

    – Chris Baggott
  19. Be able to build relationships and figure out how community
    management fits into the business world. Public relations and
    marketing 101 apply to community management.

    – Lauren Vargas
  20. Public relations doesn’t control the story, the writer does.
    – Gini Dietrich
  21. Don’t rely on Google for all your traffic, create multiple traffic
    sources for your site.

    – Shane Ketterman
  22. Opportunities to engage the community are across the
    organization. It’s a hu and spokes model.

    – Daniel Brostek
  23. Storytelling and being an extension of the brand is important
    and it helps to be in house, sitting next to the rest of the team
    being a part of everything happening.

    – David Spinks
  24. A great initial, introductory pitch is important to build relationships
    months before a client’s product needs to be launched.

    – Gini Dietrich
  25. If you don’t trust your employees with the execution of your
    social media strategies, you don’t have a social problem,
    you have a hiring problem.

    – Jay Baer.



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