Tip: The real benefit of “big data” and listening


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As marketers we hear a lot about listening, monitoring, and big data.

Today’s tip is a preview of our webinar next week with Forrester and Synthesio on helping your social media focus more on the customer (click the link to register now).

The amount of data available to businesses today, especially through social media, is mind blowing. For instance, did you know that half of the business data out there today was created in the last two years?

Businesses are leveraging a tiny percentage of that information and data. And often leveraging it poorly.

One of the biggest insights a business can gain from listening to their customers online and on social networks is having a better understanding of their expectations.

Age of Customer_forrester

This weeks tip is simple:

Become obsessed with your customers. And use data and listening to do it.

Most companies are not as obsessed with their customers as they should be.

According to Forrester, today’s modern consumer “demands a whole new level of customer obsession.” But it is more than that. The modern consumer is demanding and your business needs to respond to that.

But your relationship with your customer is also a massive opportunity.

“In business today, your relationship with your customer is your competitive advantage. No one can replicate that.” – Allison Smith (@allsnsmth), Forrester

Executing The Modern Customer Relationship With Data

Big data is the key to understanding and executing a better connection to the modern, more demanding customer.

This is more of a mindset change than anything at first. Most companies monitor social media on some level, even if they are just looking at Facebook comments and Twitter mentions.

And companies that go deeper, than have strong social listening platforms like Synthesio, often are still very reactive in their use of data.

Becoming obsessed with your customers is the next level of social media listening.

Join us this coming week on Tuesday, November 18th at 10am ET for a webinar with Forrester and Synthesio focused on this very subject, The Keys To Unlocking A Customer-Centric Social Practice.

Click below to reserve your seat now.

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