Tip: Data isn’t sexy, but visual storytelling is


Social Fresh TipsI wanted to share a quick Social Fresh Conference insight from one of our speakers, Josh Karpf (@jkarpf), Global Director of Social at Spotify. I thought this was a cool way to turn data into a visual story and would be useful for your business.

Spotify noticed a huge spike in conversation on social around a song featured in the Breaking Bad finale. After the episode aired, the number of people listening to the song, “Baby Blue,” rose 9,000%.

So they pulled the data together and created a chart tracking how engagement around the song spiked during and after the finale. And they added some of the social chatter that they originally picked up on to the chart for context.

The chart was a huge content success for them, generating quite a bit of engagement of its own. As well as numerous press mentions and links.

Here is the chart:

break bad finale song from spotify

This is a great reminder from Spotify of the importance of Visual Storytelling. Every business should be searching for ways to repurpose data to engage customers.

If you are a media brand or have an owned channel, take a look at what your readers are searching for. What are they reading?

If you sell a product or service, look for trends in your sales for which products are selling more or less. This type of honesty can be a huge story if you are able to share it.

If you are an agency, pool your client data to share how company’s are advertising or using influencer marketing or spending on social ads.

You can even focus on short customer surveys to pull data in if you have trouble finding other data sources within your business. One consistent survey question over time could tell you a lot and give you some data that will help you tell a compelling visual story.

Find the data. Make it visual. Share. Rinse, repeat.


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