Timely Updates Features for 15k Users


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TimelyWe told you about Timely, a Twitter optimization tool by Flowtown, last month as a tool to help you time your tweets for prime active times of the day for your specific Twitter community.

Timely also provided some basic performance data, such as number of retweets, that they have recently expanded. The service now includes additional detail from retweets, @ replies, and favorites of tweets you published through the service (see preview below). It aggregates those responses to tweets and allow replies from inside of the application.

Timely has been open to the public since February, and already needs to expand the capability of their service to account for increased use. The service currently has over 15,000 total accounts and continues to grow.

“We re-wrote our entire Performance service to handle the scale Timely has been seeing, now over 15k accounts and a quarter of a million tweets published.” – Ethan Bloch, Flowtown

Flowtown expects to see faster and more accurate analytics from Timely moving forward.
Timely Feature Update


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