These Facebook Stats Will Make You Love The Like Button

by | Oct 11, 2010

I recently came across Facebook’s Scribd account. It contained over a dozen documents filled with interesting information. After sifting through them, I pulled out the following stats that made a compelling case to implement the like button on your site.

Facebook Like button stats

  1. 500 million users, 150 million mobile users
  2. Average of 130 friends
  3. 50% of users return daily
  4. Users share more than 30 billion pieces of content with their friends each month
  5. Over 1 million sites use Like buttons
  6. People who “like” articles click on 5.3X more links than they average Facebook user and have 2.4X as many friends on average (310 vs. 130)
  7. Liking publishes to the newsfeed, adds to their profile, and is discoverable through searches
  8. Using faces on the like button increases CTR by 5-10X
  9. Sites that placed the plugin on the front and content pages received 2-10x more clicks per user than sites that placed the Activity Feed/Recommendationsplugin only on the front page
  10. Over 70% of the top-performing sites have commenting enabled on the Like button
  11. Posts that get more clicks than average contain:
    • Touching, emotional stories get 2-3X more
    • Provocative, passionate debates get 2-3X more
    • Important sports game wins get 1.5-2X more
    • Simple, easy questions get 1.5X more
  12. Users who click Like are between 25-54 with the median of 34. Newspaper subscribers are an average of 51 and the largest group is 65+
  13. Users who click on the activity feed plugin generate 4X as many page views as the average user

How does the Like button work

Along with the stats, Facebook had the following handy graphic explanation of how the Like button works.

More about the Like button

If you’d like to know more about Facebook’s Like button, here are a couple of additional resources: ]]>


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