Tip: The Vanilla Ice Rule of Content Marketing


Social Fresh TipsI call this week’s tip “the Vanilla Ice rule.”

At the next Social Fresh Conference, later this month in San Diego, I am going to give a presentation on this and something I call content envy, but I wanted to give you a quick preview first.

Content envy is the pressure we all put on our businesses to publish a ton of content every day, to a ton of social networks, at a very high quality. One of the things that drives this are the content wealthy brands out there that CAN do this. Like Oreo, Coca-Cola, etc. We see how much great content they produce and we naturally want to keep up with the Jones.

99% of businesses simply do not have the resources or experience to pull it off. And there is no shame in that.

Instead, businesses should be spending MORE of our content marketing and social media hours on LESS content.

Back to Vanilla Ice.

The Vanilla Ice rule says you should be focusing 80% of your content/social marketing time on creating and promoting one big hit. A one hit wonder if you will (his was accidental, yours will be on purpose). This is one high intensity piece of content that should have a strong business strategy behind it.

For Social Fresh, our big hit is the Social Fresh Conference. We work tirelessly to bring together the smartest people in social media twice a year. And then we promote the content from our conference for 6 months.

social fresh conference sessions on youtube

For your business, maybe your big hit is a 50 page ebook or industry report. Maybe it is an event or a weekly podcast. Or maybe it is a Q&A video series.

Pick one big piece of content and make it great. Then tease, re-purpose, excerpt, and reference that main piece of content everywhere.

If your business is large, has a big marketing team, or has been using content marketing for a while, then you can apply this methodology per content marketer or per team. And if you run a small business, you should consider focusing on one big hit per year or per quarter.

More time, on less content.


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