The True Value of How and When to Measure ROI

by | Nov 30, 2015

The True Value of How and When to Measure ROI

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Brandon Andersen (@Andersenology), a veteran speaker from Social Fresh Conference, is this week’s special guest, hailing from Florida where he serves as Director of Marketing for Cision. He leads their US marketing team and develops strategies for engaging marketing and PR professionals.

After starting out as “Bacon’s Information” long ago, Cision has now become quite a robust company, having recently acquired several new companies including Vocus, Gorkana, Viral Heat, and Visible Technologies. Working with clients from single worker agencies to Fortune 100 companies, Cision works with “anybody who wants to get a story out”.

Brandon brings just as much robust information to this week’s podcast episode. He talks specifically and emphatically about measuring social media ROI, citing that 58% of people surveyed said they had no idea what their ROI was on social media investment.

He deftly points out that these are even only the people who felt comfortable admitting that on a survey. Besides providing an ROI template, Brandon covers lead generation, tools for virtual workers, how and when to measure analytics, and the value of social listening.

“If you don’t have an idea of where you want to be and how you’re going to measure getting there, then you’re basically shooting arrows into space without a target to hit.” (click to tweet)

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