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Social Toolkit 32: The Maturity of Social Media with Jason and Jason. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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In Episode 32 of the Social Toolkit, Jason and Jason take a look at what social tools are in the news, what is going on with social networking in general, and what important industry trends they think you and your business need to be aware of. Brace yourself, Twinter is coming…and a lot of other changes you should be aware of.

  • App of the Week: Facebook Groups. Yarby has a new love for Facebook Groups and he’s just discovered the groups app. Here’s what he’s loving:
    • Groups you use more frequently listed at the top,
    • The interface is what we all wish the Facebook App or the Messenger App would actually look like
    • It’s easier to create a new group that on the desktop.
    • Discover tab shows you suggested groups based on pages you’ve liked, groups your friends are in, and where you live.
    • Other features within each group
  • Linkedin is refurbishing the Pulse App to make it more personal and your All-Business news reader
    • Newsle and Pulse acquisitions
    • LinkedIn personalization will deliver articles your friends are sharing, liking, writing, trending
  • Twitter is shaking things up with how we consume content…and more
    • Project Lightning might takeover the main newsfeed
      • Per Buzzfeed: “Project Lightning will bring event-based curated content to the Twitter platform, complete with immersive and instant-load photos and videos and the ability to embed those experiences across the Web — and even in other apps.”
    • How each tweet, picture, or video will be viewed within the mobile app
    • Autoplaying Videos and GIFs
    • DM Character Limits – 140 to 10,000…Jason Keath did the math on that percentage of increase.
    • Twitter Collections
    • Gawker’s incredible headline announcing Dick Costolo stepping down as CEO of Twitter and bringing Jack Dorsey back in.
  • Facebook algorithm changes are coming…..again
    • Facebook Moments – Facial recognition to send friends photos that they are in
    • Facebook stealing video ad views and engagement from YouTube
    • Algorithm changing to prioritize the type of content it shows you based on the amount of time you spend viewing certain types of content #ThanksFacebook
    • Facebook Algorithm relinquishing control of what we “see first”
  • Snapchat Stats
    • What’s currently motivating Snapchat users
    • Where Snapchat usage is highest with teens
    • Are Snapchat users are interested in coupons and discounts or utilizing the money transfer feature?
  • The Emoji’s we’ve all been waiting for


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