The New, New Twitter Wants the World to be more Social


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Originally published on the On Ideas blog.

Boasting a smoother user experience and design, welcome the New, New Twitter.

Twitter has been relatively unchanged since it’s been around, and by relatively I compare it only to the way it rolls our features.

Whereas Facebook shoots first and asks questions later, Twitter seems to put together informative videos that really showcase the new experience through real life stories and adds excitement to the roll-out.

As you’ll see in the video below, the new Twitter experience puts emphasis on design and a more “interaction-centered” experience.

Power tweeters and novices alike will notice a much more “social” feel with the uniform action tabs added to both the web and mobile sites. (The Mobile site looks awesome!)

They’ve also made the home screen more readable. Our mind naturally wants to read left to right, and the previous design forced right side emphasis to see what our stats were etc, with the profile page reading the logical right to left. Now, it’s there all the time. Thank you from our necks.

Beyond the design changes, a more experience-based change in the culture of Twitter can be felt in the copy that they’re using to describe this new phase on Twitter’s life.
“Home” “Connect” “Discover” and “Me”

As the world becomes more wholly aware of social media (really less aware and more active), we’re definitely going to see the emphasis of trends and connecting to each other about noteworthy topics in the world. Under the “Discover” heading, they invite users to: ‘Spot a #hashtag? Enter it here to discover all of its related stories, conversation and content.”

I personally love the #hashtag not only to connect with others around a particular topic, but the ability to have organized Twitter Chats with multiple users in realtime. The connections made through regular interaction around #hashtags has created new business, networking opportunities, and lifelong friends, all surrounded in conversation.

As we move forward and progress in this social space it’s clear that user interaction is the key to a great experience. Look at companies like foursquare and Flipboard, praised for their experiences.

Design aesthetics on the web is no longer an option, but a mandate. It needs to look good and feel good to maintain a wide user base.

I’m excited to see what changes Twitter continues to make, and more excited to see the new interesting use cases that will undoubtedly come out of the redesign.

What do you think about the new Twitter changes and about Twitter in general?

Leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation.


Don’t have the new version yet? Download the latest version of Twitter for iPhone or Android or login to Twitter on your phone to see the new mobile site in action.


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