The Most Epic Email List Building Webinar Of The Summer


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Epic List Building WebinarEvery great while there comes a webinar like no other.

A webinar that puts others webinars to shame. A webinar that all other webinars go home and sleep and dream about one day growing up and being.

This webinar… is almost exactly like that.

Social Fresh is teaming up with Peter Shankman, Chris Brogan, and DJ Waldow (one of our good friends from email masters Blue Sky Factory) to present to a webinar unlike any other. Also, that Jason Keath guy is tagging along.

The topic is email list building. Chris, Peter, DJ and the team at Blue Sky Factory have built some massive email lists to support their business efforts. And all of the experts on this webinar use social media to extend and help build their lists.

Only 1000 people will be able to attend, so please sign up now.

BIG Thanks to Walt Ribeiro for the original music in the video. Find more of his work at

BIG Thanks to Tom Webster (@webby2001) for his awesome voice over work

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