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Friends - Facebook & EmailWatching and learning the latest information on Facebook (the business) seems to be what everyone is doing online these days.

We just can’t help but want to learn more about the IPO.

We all are drawn like drones toward reading all the different thoughts on what the future of both the company and their hoodie-wearing CEO  will be.

But as the Director of Training for Social Fresh, I try to be the voice of reason.

At some point, as marketers and social media professionals, we need to shift our focus from the company to the product.

More specifically, are we using the product (as it exists today) to benefit our own business?

Let’s stop wondering what the future of this company will be and start working on what it can do for our and our business – right now.

Sound reasonable?

Facebook Ad Conference schedule (22 live sessions)

If so, I strongly encourage you to watch this (free) recorded webinar that I did on Monday, June 11 with Jay Baer from Convince & Convert.

In it, he explains exactly how to use Facebook now for your business.  He also shows how Email and Facebook are a lot like Madonna and Lady Gaga.

(I love that part.)

If you like that webinar (and I know you will), please also be sure to check out the Advanced Facebook Advertising conference that starts one week from today – on June 19.

It’s going to be the largest and best online opportunity for this very hot and powerful topic.

By the way, we just finalized the complete downloadable schedule for this event.  You can Download the pdf here.

TIP:  There’s a big-time coupon code in the webinar.  Check it out.


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