The ABC’s of Social Media


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ABC AlphabetSocial media has its own dialect, maybe its own language.

It doesn’t talk the same as television, radio, or print media.

Those platforms only communicate in one direction. Have you ever had a conversation with an ad on television? How about a print ad in your favorite magazine? Not likely. Same goes for a 15 second spot on the local radio station.

The social web gives you the opportunity for two way communication. You can interact with friends, strangers, and brands. This simple fact leaves a lot of businesses lost in translation. Learning any new language begins with the alphabet.

Here are the ABC’s of social media

A: Authenticity – Be authentic

B: Brevity – 140 character state of mind

C: Community – It is more about the “we” than the “me”

D: Disclosure – Make your intentions clear

E: Engagement – Interactions should be relationship builders

F: Fun – Relax, It isn’t rocket surgery

G: Give – Sow and you shall reap

H: Helpful– It has never been easier to help. The web removes constraints

I: Influence – It moves people to action

J: Just – Fairness and honesty are the best policy

K: Kindness – The “golden rule” rules social media

L: Listen – Be attentive to what others are saying

M: Measure – You cannot improve what you don’t measure

N: Niche – Find the right people

O: Observe – Keep watch and learn what is happening in your industry

P: Participate – This is the first rule of social media

Q: Quality – Be helpful, entertaining, and informative

R: Real -Time – Instant feedback and communication

S: Share – Generosity is a currency

T: Trust– It is the fuel of influence

U: Ubiquity – You can connect everywhere 24/7

V: Value – Create useful relevant content

W: Work – Consistent and persistent effort

X: X-Ray – Transparency is applauded

Y: You – Your voice matters

Z: Zoetic – Social media is the living web

Now you know your ABC’s

This alphabet is dynamic in nature because it is a communication medium. As people use it in different ways, the rules change. The letters can mean different things at different skill levels of social media involvement. What are your ABC’s of social media?

Image credit: tdm911


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