The 4 Touch LinkedIn Engagement Strategy


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LinkedIn is a great engagement tool. You hear it time and time again, but maybe you don’t believe it.

Or maybe you’re just not using it for the right purposes.

Whenever people mention LinkedIn I think of connecting with like-minded peers. At G3 Communications, I manage several online communities for our brands.

One thing I’ve come to realize is the importance of a multi-touch engagement strategy on LinkedIn groups.

Whether you’re simply accepting a LinkedIn users’ request to join a group or connecting with someone in the same industry, you’ll want to keep the conversation going.

Here are four steps to do so:

1. The Initial Message

Don’t just accept their request. Offer them a simple “Welcome to the group” note.

People want to know they’re talking to a person, so get personal.

I typically offer those who request to join our groups a link to our latest report or featured article that would benefit them based on the information provided in their profile.

Offer those who request to join your group(s) the opportunity to ask any questions they may have at the time, i.e. about the group, its members or related industry.

2. Share Relevant Content

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “content is king” but it’s relevant content that resonates with your peers. I’ve shared several articles and reports throughout my time at G3, but one thing that still remains is relevancy.

Although we have three publications focused on three topics — retail, B2B marketing and channel marketing — we manage LinkedIn groups and participate in others that are relevant to each.

Subscribe to online publications that catch your interest and share articles with group members.

3. Engaging With Existing Posts

Adding new discussions, promos or job posts to your LinkedIn groups is great. But remember, you want to engage with existing content. One of the best ways to connect with others on LinkedIn is to offer your expertise.

Suggestion: Skim through older posts and connect with peers that have posted a question. You may have the answer or you can refer them to someone else/a company that does. Also, don’t be afraid to use the “Reply privately” option. It’s there for a reason.

4. Build Connections

Connecting with someone on LinkedIn isn’t about “upping your numbers.” In fact, it’s about the value in your contacts. You want to make meaningful connections on LinkedIn.


Think about questions within your industry.

Instead of doing a quick search on Google, post it in a group. See how others react.

Pay close attention to those that respond. They’re usually top influencers of the group. Also, send top influencers a thank you note for engaging.

If you have any questions about building your community on LinkedIn, feel free to reach out to me personally at [email protected].


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