The 3 most overlooked social media strategy steps


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If every piece of your company is moving in their own direction, you can be sure of one thing: none of you will be moving forward together.

The key to a successful social media strategy for any organization is internal alignment and a clear vision, says Adrian Parker, VP of Digital Marketing at Patrón.

“Without an audience there is no brand. And without alignment, there is no business. Internal alignment is just as important as getting the wins outside the organization.”
— Adrian Parker, at
 Social Fresh Conference (view the full presentation here).

External social media wins are not as impactful for the entire company or organization, if the rest of the business doesn’t know about them, believe in them, and support them. And especially if they are not ready to benefit from them.

Social media impacts all segments of the modern business.

The below 3 steps from Adrian Parker will help you establish internal alignment that leads to more impactful social media success. These tips are talked about often, but rarely executed well across an organization.

1. Educate your team about the value of social media.

Big picture thinking — your team needs to understand how social media is incorporated into the greater business strategy. Show them how social media affects your business and why it is a critical vehicle for success.

Parker explains, “Social media [must be] translated from a thermometer, which was reacting to the environment, to a thermostat. It is a business driver setting the pace of change.”

Your team needs to understand that social media is no longer nice to have but rather a must have.

2. Create a clear vision

Everyone wants a piece of the social media pie. HR might use Linkedin for recruitment; customer service will use it for support; marketing uses it for, well, marketing.

Is your team on the same page about how the business plans to use social media to press forward? Do they know what your final destination is? Create a clear vision and share it with your team. No one will board the bus if the driver himself doesn’t know the route.

Everyone in the business has a point of view about social. It’s your job to set them moving on the same path. “Leadership is plural. You can have many leaders. Vision is singular. You need to own your vision.”

3. Establish a plan for moving forward

Finally, work with your team to develop a roadmap that will help you move toward your vision together. This is internal alignment.

And don’t forget, everyone goes off course on occasion. But that’s okay. Social media success requires the allowance of failure along the way.

“When you give your team permission to fail, you are giving them tools to succeed.”



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