If more events used text messaging, we would all be happier


This isn’t a bunch of reasons how you can be more “green” at your next event.

This is three ways you can eliminate paper using text messaging.

These ideas will save you hassle, create better event, and make your attendees, or the people your brand meets at that next event, happier at the same time.

Every one of us, when we attend a seminar, meeting, conference, whatever — we bring our phone with us. We are adept at using that phone to take notes, respond to emails, and Tweet about the live event we are at.

Why not incorporate those skills to improve everyone’s experience?

1. No more fishbowls

Not only do they collect needless paper they look tacky.

Are you having attendees drop their business cards in a fish bowl to win a prize or get more information?

And then who is wasting their day manually entering those business cards into an Excel file or CRM?

Have attendees send a text message to enter the giveaway. Ask them for their email address too.

Now you have two pieces of information, instantly. You can even have that information pushed into an Excel file or CRM, automatically.

Why not have an email sent to them right after the event thanking them for their attendance?  What can you include in that email while the event is fresh in their mind?

2. Take all those clipboards and pens and throw them away

If you’re still collecting information on clipboards you’re doing it the hard way.

Instead of asking your attendees to wait around for someone to pass them the clipboard have them pull out their phone while the speaker is still talking, send a quick text message, and signup.

In seconds you will have saved all that hassle of waiting for the sheet, trying to find a pen that works, and then trying to decipher their writing.

Remember, you can ask them for their email address too.  Then a welcome email can ask them to complete other information that will be helpful to you.

The email can also link them to your social media sites.

3. Nobody likes to count votes

Does your event involve some type of voting or survey?  Are you still using paper ballots?

Text message voting isn’t just for American Idol.  Have your attendees send a text message to cast their vote.

Not only is it easier for them, they won’t be wondering around looking for the ballot box.

It’s also easier for you and your event staff because the votes are counted instantly.  You can announce the winners right away without rushing to count a stack of paper ballots.

You can even screen the votes so each mobile number can only vote one time.

Don’t Forget – Events are Great Place for Mobile Marketing

In the end not only do these tactics save trees and make your event run smoother, they also open up a few really good opportunities for mobile marketing.

In any of these situations the event attendees mobile number could be saved (with consent) for future messages.  In addition, the confirmation response messages could include links to a mobile landing pages and videos.

For example, “Thanks for entering to win! To get a behind-the-scenes look at our latest product follow this link …”


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