Starbucks First Consumer Brand with 10 Million Facebook Fans


From the first national Foursquare special to bringing 1 million people into their stores via social media in one day to being named the most engaged brand on the web, Starbucks has been leading in social media for some time now. It is important to understand that Starbucks, as a brand with over 17,000 locations and a product so integral to their customer’s day, is inherently a brand that speaks to consumers in a personal way. That being said, Starbucks is not slowing down their social media leadership. Earlier today they become the first consumer brand to surpass 10 million Facebook fans, as tweeted by Alex Wheeler, Director of Digital Strategy at Starbucks. Starbucks started it’s Facebook page by working with Facebook and existing fan unofficial page owners to consolidate several an unorganized Facebook presence into one official page. Similar to how Chipotle and other brands kicked off their social media investment at Facebook’s urging. Once they decided to invest in their Facebook presence, they took it very seriously. They created Facebook apps, bought ads to increase their fans, shared videos tailored for Facebook, and focused on a strong daily engagement strategy that included a mix of polls, humor, and serious discussions. [via @aewheeler]]]>


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