8 Wonderfully Snarky Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving


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We work in an industry that is quite unique.

From our ridiculous vernacular, where Like and Retweet are just understood, to the incredible access we have to people and technology around the world.

Nevertheless, we would rather give a little thanks to the silliness that keeps us all laughing along the way.

Here are our social media thanks.

1. Some eCards

When a special occasion happens offline, we go to Hallmark and send something heartfelt, maybe with a nice bottle of wine. Well, on the internet, we no longer have to actually go to that effort, not when we have someecards.com. Their poignant, elegant, and always topical cards know how to say just what we are thinking, only funnier.

2. Animated Gifs

The rubble upon which the internet is built is 96% dead animated gifs. And while we thought the final generation of animated gifsdied with Myspace. Google+ has once again innovated in the social media space and reinvigorated our love of cats doing what they do.

3. Trending Topics

From obscure holidays to celebrities in the news you have never heard of, Twitter’s trending topics are always there to give us something to fill our day with.

4. Awesome Tumblr Blogs

Yes I want to see more baby photos with rap lyrics, and more dogs eating pasta, and more scanned images of sandwiches. How did you know?


5. OH Twitter Accounts

Tweeting funny things to the world that you hear privately can be so awesome, many times they deserve their own Twitter account:

6. Auto DMs

Sometimes we all get stuck in 2009. And sometimes we just do not have time to send all of our spam out ourselves, or even underpay interns to do it for us. Thank goodness there are tools that can help us make the internet cry without actually taking time out of our day.

7. Winning the UK Lottery

Working everyday can get stressful. But almost every week, without fail, some generous stranger from the UK Lottery or a business man from Nigeria sends me an email letting me know I have come into some new cash. It is pretty uplifting and always helps me get through the week a little easier.

I know I am very thankful for how easy these piles of cash come my way and I have the internet to thank for it. I mean, I have not actually seen any of the cash yet, but I know it will be here soon. Right? Why are you smiling?

8. Celebrity Twitter Drama

Thank you Brittany. Thank you Miley. Thank you John Mayer. Thank you Kanye. Thank you Ashton.

Your rants and mistaken tweets and threats to quit Twitter are an unending inspiration to all of us. How you manage to fight through your tough lives and manage your millions of followers, we will never know. But the constant grace and maturity you exhibit in less than 140 characters every day, always keeps us going.


What are you thankful for?


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