How To Focus The Social Strategy For Your One Person Business


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Solo EntrepreneurEveryday a sub section entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge and reward of going it alone.

No matter how you look at it, solo entrepreneurs are in charge of every aspect of their business. From winning and retaining clients to marketing and planning, the independent go-getter is officially the boss, the intern and everything in between.

As social media continues to gain momentum and challenges us to think differently about how we do business, it is important to really carve out time each week for on-line engagement. Here are 7 tips to help these entrepreneurs organize, focus and strategize.

1. Ask “where are my customers?”

Although there are many social media sites out there, the vast majority of individuals and businesses can be found on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and youtube. Be present on all four. If this is new to you, observe conversations, visit business pages, watch short how-to video’s, connect, and start to figure out how you will fit in. If you have experience, continue to learn from the ones who do things right. A few companies to check out include Hubspot, Mashable and Social Fresh. A few individuals to follow include Chris Brogan, Cindy King, Mari Smith, and Mike Stelzner.

2. Plan for five hours per week

Solopreneurs cannot have the attitude that social media is JUST another thing to do. It’s an investment of time, energy, and creativity. As with anything new, the learning curve can be steep.

Give time to education and discover how social can work for you. Understand it’s not good enough to sign up for a few accounts and then leave it alone. Put yourself out there, experiment, and participate.

Social Media only works if you actually work it! Schedule the time in your calendar the same way you schedule meetings, appointments, and exercise.

3. Think in 1/4’s

Once you get the hang of it and feel confident to take part in the conversations, change things up for your networks by dividing your information into quarters. Recognize interesting individuals and support businesses that are doing good things. Share educational links that others will benefit from. Be personable and let your networks know you are human. Don’t be afraid to share a funny experience, talk about a marathon you just ran, or a concert you just went to. These are the things everyone can relate to in a very real way.

4. Think variety – think video

Strategize how you will keep your posts fresh and diverse. Include links, photos, ask questions, take polls, share top 10 lists, and gather opinions. Youtube is now the second most used search engine right behind google. Purchase a flip mino and make a few 2 minute homegrown videos about your work. These can be posted to your website and to your social media pages. People love to watch short videos.

5. Be responsive

Social Media is a conversation. Respond to those who engage with you. Most agree there’s nothing worse than receiving no communication back when you step out to support others. It’s a huge turnoff. Do your best to stay on top of your communications and thank others for supporting you.

6. Less is more

Now that you are confident and engaged in conversations, remember to keep things in check. Don’t clog up newsfeeds with only self-promotion and business. Once you are hidden or unfollowed, that’s it. Chances to win that person back are slim. Learn the balance now.

7. Celebrate the world around you

Social Media is a great way to share local, regional, state-wide, national, and international events. Check out various calendars and look for ways to relate your work and passions to our global happenings. Celebrate a local ribbon-cutting, a regional art gala, a state election, a national holiday, an international success story. All of this can help grow the conversation.

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