How I Used Social Media To Land Major Press Coverage


Years ago, you would of had to cross your fingers at the chance of major press publications finding out about something you were doing.

There was no good chance that the local newspaper, or your state wide business journal would write a piece about your event or business venture.

Today, all of that has changed.

The tables have turned and we all now have the power to spread the good story about our business.

We can reach the seemingly unreachable, we can create the buzz around our ventures ourselves, and we can capture the attention of the traditional media companies just looking for an awesome story.

Enter RMC Tech

RMC Tech is a technical service company I started last July. We go where the market needs us and right now, they need us in the iPhone screen repair area.

Prior to starting RMC Tech, I experimented in the world of blogging and social media. Through video blogging, and building awareness and readership rather quickly, I realized how replicable my strategy was in business.

I knew that the success of the next business I started was going to depend largely on my ability to use the tools of the social web to spread awareness like a mad man.

I did exactly that.

I leveraged storytelling and created a video series called “iGraveyard,” which basically explained the story behind some of the cracked iPhones we worked on.

It drew people in.

I started executing on ideas of other internet TV shows, like Sickest Apps TV, which is a show that explains some of the coolest iPhone apps out there on the web. Here’s a brand new episode we did on a pretty awesome gas station finder app:

It was all domino effect from there.

I started getting local attention, and the leads came in. I was getting calls from journalists asking questions about the company, what our services are, and what we plan to do.

Out of the chaos, hard work, massive social interaction, and the constant deployment of videos came some pretty awesome coverage in a state wide business journal.

Screenshot follows:

Eastern Penn Article

This was huge for us!

It catalyzed some very interesting awareness around our local market, helped land me a meeting with a world wide brand about doing some technical work, and created the social proof that has led to negotiations on partnerships with nationwide technical service franchises. All from some social media.

This is a story that illustrates the point that keeps surfacing in the business world: social media is an extremely powerful tool. These channels now have the reach we all wanted them to have years ago when they were brand new and no one took us seriously.

The message is in our hands. We all have the power to transfer the message and emotion of our brands out to the world. We can use these tools to spread awareness and grab the attention of the major media publications who’s job is to look for interesting stories to write about.

But this kind of coverage and opportunity is only available to us if we recognize it. It’s only there if we choose to see that social media is one of the most powerful tools for spreading awareness, in the world today.

We have to realize that it takes time. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an investment that requires you see the benefit before you actually see the benefit, and take that knowledge and start building a community, start entertaining and educating the people in your target market, and treat it like a full time marketing strategy that’s results are both powerful, and endless.

Image source: Newspaper stack


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