The Founding Of A Social Media Company: Likeable Media


A Social Story written by:
Dave Kerpen, Chief Executive Officer at Likeable Media Likeable Media

A Likeable Beginning

Likeable Media

I was the top salesperson in the country at Radio Disney in 2001– and had planned to stay that way for a long time to come. Suddenly, a bright and bubbly new employee started at the company. We shared an office, and within a month, she knocked me to the #2 spot.

When that happened, I immediately knew two things — I had to one day marry her, and I had to start a business with her.

Fast forward to 2006. I finally got Carrie to agree to marry me, but I had a special request. I wanted everyone, and I mean everyone, that I’d ever known to come to my wedding.

This was before the days of Facebook, when you could not easily reconnect with anyone you’ve ever crossed paths with– this was at a time where such a thing was unheard of. Some might have called me a groomzilla, but Carrie had an idea to allow me to have the wedding of my dreams, and to do some good in the process…

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