Top 29 Social Media Career Moves of 2011


Last year we highlighted some of the key career moves of social media industry leaders.

So let’s take a look at the moves people made in 2011.

Companies like HubSpot, Edelman, and Radian6 seem to be central themes in this conversation, each buying up as many smart folks as they can get their hands on.

The following is a recap of some of the biggest career moves of the past year. We were looking for people working in significant social media roles that chose to take on new opportunities. We definitely missed some, so please help us out in the comments.

And please, for anyone reading this, head these warning signs for social media professionals. Help me help you. It takes a village. Etc.

In no particular order, here they are.

1. Peter Shankman joins Vocus


2. Greg Cangialosi founds Nucleus Ventures

(Sold Blue Sky Factory)

3. Scott Gulbransen joins H&R Block

4. Michael Rubin joins Redbox

5. Jason Peck joins Living Social

6. Dean McBeth joins Barton F. Graf 9000

7. Jeffrey L. Cohen joins Radian6

8. James Andrews founds Social People TV

9. Zena Weist joins Edelman

10. Justin Levy joins Citrix

11. Shauna Causey to Nordstrom

12. Amber Naslund founds

13. Matt Ridings founds

14. Louis Gray joins Google+

15. Josh Williams joins Facebook

(Sold Gowalla)

16. Chuck Hemann to Edelman

17. Kipp Bodnar joins HubSpot

18. David B. Thomas joins Radian6

19. Laura Fitton joins HubSpot

(Sold OneForty)

20. Aaron Strout joins WCG

21. Maria Ogneva joins Yammer

22. Chris Heuer joins Deloitte Consulting

23. Josh Austin joins

24. Christopher Barger joins Voce Communications, a Porter Novelli company

25. Adrian Parker joins RadioShack

26. Ross Mayfield joins Slideshare

27. Pete Blackshaw joins Nestle

28. DJ Waldow founds

29. Matt Singley co-founds Singley + Mackie


One thing we fail to capture are those promoted internally. There are many many people doing great work in social media that are not on this list, please feel free to add them in the comments to share the love.

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