Top Social Media Acquisitions of 2011


We wanted to take a quick look at some of the moving and shaking that happened on the 2011 social media mergers and acquisitions front.

There were a lot of big deals struck. Gowalla being bought by Facebook. Tweetdeck getting acquired by Twitter. But there were plenty of acquisitions that you might not of heard that much about, if at all. And plenty of them will affect how many of us do business moving forward.

Big names on the list that you will see more than once include the Google, king of social Facebook, increasingly social media focused Salesforce, up and comer HubSpot, and .com veteran eBay.

Facebook and Talent

Facebook looks keen to continue to acquire small startups with lots of programming talent (Beluga, Gowalla). Their focus is innovation and not getting stuck in the MySpace death spiral.

Consolidation and Domination

Salesforce and HubSpot (Performable and Oneforty) are both building very robust one stop shops for marketers. Salesforce has been impressive in their move into social. Acquiring Radian6 showed us how committed to social media marketing support they are. Their purchase of Rypple tells us that they are looking at social business as well.

Tools and Services

And several tools that you may use changed hands this year. Tweetdeck, Radian6. Twitterfeed, Rypple and more. If you are using these services you likely already have the news. And then several services have or will be leaving us this year due to acquisition, mainly location and group text apps like GroupMe, Beluga, Whrrl and Gowalla.

  1. Bantam Live acquired by Constant Contact
  2. Beluga acquired by Facebook
  3. Blue Sky Factory acquired by WhatCounts
  4. Context Optional acquired by Efficient Frontier (then acquired by Adobe)
  5. DimDim acquired by Salesforce
  6. Flowtown acquired by Demand Force
  7. Geotoko acquired by Hootsuite
  8. Gowalla acquired by Facebook
  9. GroupMe acquired by Skype (then acquired by Microsoft)
  10. Hunch acquired by eBay 
  11. Katango acquired by Google
  12. Kosmix acquired by Walmart
  13. Magneto acquired by eBay
  14. Myspace acquired by Specific Media
  15. Next New Networks acquired by Youtube (Google)
  16. OneForty acquired by HubSpot
  17. Performable acquired by HubSpot
  18. PostRank acquired by Google
  19. Radian6 acquired by Salesforce
  20. Rypple acquired by Salesforce
  21. SimpleGeo acquired by Urban Airship
  22. acquired by LivingSocial
  23. Sometrics acquired by AMEX
  24. Tagged acquired by Hi5
  25. Tweetdeck acquired by Twitter
  26. Twitterfeed acquired by
  27. Where acquired by eBay
  28. Whrrl  acquired by Groupon
  29. WuFoo acquired by SurveyMonkey
  30. Zagat acquired by Google
  31. Mr Youth acquired by LBi
  32. RightNow Technologies acquired by Oracle

And honorable mention goes to the 3 huge blogs that were acquired this year, HuffingtonPost acquired by AOL, Tech Crunch acquired by AOL, and RWW acquired by Say Media. Not social media companies necessarily, but worth noting for the industry. Blogging is becoming big business.



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