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Don TweetsYou might have heard rumors.

You have probably been stockpiling canned goods so you don’t have to leave the house.

Yes, it is true. A new season of Mad Men is coming.

I’m so psyched about it, I decided to explore the idea of what Sterling Cooper would be like as a social media agency. The responses we got were hilarious, read them all here and add your own.

And here are seven more resources I recommend this week. Jump in!

1. [WEBINAR Tomorrow] Secrets To Influencer Marketing
I’m doing an awesome webinar tomorrow with Jim Tobin and the smart folks at Ignite Social Media. In order to attend, you must of a Klout score higher than… just kidding.

2. Four Signs Your Should Invest In SEO Now
I can’t even spell SEO. But I know that if you are running a blog, these four steps are pretty valuable house cleaning moves for your SEO.

Epic Content Marketers: 20 Women Who Rock
Ok guys. Fellow members of the Man Club. It might be time to hang up our content hats. These women know what they are doing. Awesome post from Joe Chernov.

4. [Ebook] How The New Facebook News Feed Changes Your Content Strategy
(This Post Is Sponsored by HubSpot)
Facebook announced they are not going to change anything on the website for the next 12 months. Haha, just kidding. Good one right? Check out HubSpot’s insights on the latest News Feed changes coming your way very very soon.

5. Why Every Business Should Be On Pinterest
I hear Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting. I assume because his schedule is too full with appearances on Pinterest, right? I can’t fully agree with the headline, but Pinterest gets more interesting to me everyday. Worth a read.

6. Ten Trends in Digital Analytics
Chuck Hemann is not only a sharp dresser he’s also one sharp cat when it comes to your social and digital analytics. Catch up a little to his genius with this post.

7. Why I Hired The Fake Steve Jobs
I am a big fan of HubSpot (one of our sponsors) and have worked with them for years. Not only does their software do some really cool things, but they are icons of content creation. They continue to step up their investment in content, especially with this big move.


Jason Keath

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