How many April Fools jokes does it take to ruin social media for everyone? – Social Fresh Insights April 2, 2014


Social Fresh InsightsThe answer, evidently, is three.

In Australia on the morning of April Fools Day, three different telecom companies posted nearly identical cat jokes. Each were advertising the world’s first cat-phone technology.

Talk about group think.

It is always important to remember that…

Cats are not a social media strategy. At least not yet. (click to tweet)

To the insights!

1. How Buffer Researches Blog Posts
Buffer gives good content. Their blog posts perform really well at generating traffic and increasing awareness of their awesome software. And it is not just because of Pandas.

2. 5 Tangible Steps To Help Your Company Create More Positive Social Reviews On Yelp
I don’t know about you, but I don’t use a public bathroom anymore without check the reviews online. No chilled, mint-infused hand towels? No thank you (uncivilized establishment). So yes, I am for more online reviews for your business. And more chilled, mint-infused hand towels.

* We Hate Panels
Just like a TED style event, Social Fresh tries to focus on a small number of high quality presentations for our conferences. We curate so you do not have to. Instead of a ton of speakers on a ton of stages, we feature 15 presenters who bring the quality. Join 500 other serious social marketers this July 17-18 in Orlando and get your tickets now.

3. Copyblogger is Removing Comments (not an April Fools joke)
Copyblogger gets more comments than the average Justin Bieber mugshot. But no more! The commenting god have taken away this prized engagement metric. Either that or Copyblogger is testing an interesting hypothesis based on some firm stats. Also, two folks who wrote solid retorts from Gini Dietrich and Nick Westergaaurd.

4. Twitter’s New Photo Features: What You Need To Know
Twitter added some fancy features to their photos this week, including tagging people. Evidently there is more to photos on Twitter than sharing selfies. Who knew?

5. How To Optimize Your Content Marketing With 3 Data Driven Steps
Who thinks we have too much content marketing? Anyone? Bueller? Ok, fine. Here are some solid tips for creating even more sweet content marketing. Get crackin!

6. The Key To Persuasive Writing
You may think WRITING IN ALL CAPS or using strategic ‘awesome’ keywords are the keys to persuasive writing. YOU WOULD BE WRONG! According to HubSpot, the key is removing equivocations and just taking a stance. As least I think that’s right.

7. Nike’s Forum Mistakes
Forums are one of the oldest community formats on the web. And believe it or not, they are not all about sci-fi and animated gifs. Havard Business Review takes an honest look at Nike’s recent attempt at a forum.

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