Shaq has better LinkedIn game than you: Social Fresh Insights April 30, 2014


Social Fresh Insights

That’s right. Shaq is on LinkedIn. While I have no idea if his B2B content strategy is solid or not, his profile is epic because of this one line “Owner, A lot of companies.” He basically has won LinkedIn, we can all stop playing now.

Shaq just won LinkedIn, we can all stop playing now.
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Now, to the insights!

1. High School Friends Are Not Meant To Be On Facebook
It turns out you are more likely to unfriend high school friends on Facebook more than any other friend category. Also, they are more likely to unfriend you. Harsh. Except, I guess none of us really care. Now if we could just get your boss to stop sending you friend requests, we would be on to something.

2. Instagram Is Catching Twitter In The US
You better up your selfie game folks. Instagram is taking over. Their user numbers (they just crossed 200 million) and engagement rates are fast approaching a stalling Twitter. Clearly the two platforms are different, but Instagram is quickly becoming less of a niche social network – for teens and techies – and much more of a major platform for brands to consider as an engagement channel.

3. The Case For More How-To Video Content
Let’s face it. It’s not just IKEA furniture that we all have trouble figuring out. More and more of the things we buy today get us googling “How do I this” or “Why is the green light flashing?” How-To video can be both a lead gen opportunity for many brands, and a support channel. Get on it.

4. How To Connect Your Content Marketing To Actual Revenue
Not sure who wants social media content marketing to actually produce revenue, but if you have to, Heidi Cohen has a great article that outlines 5 tips for connecting your content to actual bottom-line revenue. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

5. How To Determine When Content Should Be Visual
Yes, we know, you’re a “visual learner.” AKA, you hate to read. It’s people like you that cause me to get 5 infographic pitches a day, each more random and awkward than the last. Follow the link for a great tip from Chris Penn about what type of content really needs to visual.

6. The 5 Must Have Social Trends of 2014
Geoff Livingston not only breaks down current social trends in this solid post from our partners at Vocus, but he also manages to work the Walking Dead into the post in a totally organic way. Like!

7. Pinterest Guided Search Changes How We Discover
Typing words into a search engine can be so tedious. Well, Pinterest has solved this first world dilemma for you. HubSpot thinks it is awesome, so you should probably go check it out right now.






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