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At the Inbound Conference in Boston last week Hubspot introduced the newest version of the Hubspot platform, HubSpot 3 designed to further integrate the science of inbound marketing.

If you have never used HubSpot software, it is a digital marketing easy button in effect. The service provides lead gen forms, blogging software, analytics, SEO tracking and recommendations, CRM tools, and email marketing (among other tools).

Smarter Lead Gen

While they introduced a number of new integrations anchored in a beefed up Contacts dashboard, one key addition stands above all in my opinion, the Smart CTA (or Smart Call to Action).

Businesses engaging in the social web are generating thousands of web impressions on their websites and blogs, but many leave opportunities on the table beacuse there’s no way to convert those views into leads. Just as you would normally convert prospects at different stages of the marketing funnel, it extends to the web as well.

The new HubSpot Smart CTA allows HubSpot users to serve up different CTAs based on how far along they are in your campaign.

What does this mean for you?

1. Better conversions + Longer content shelf life

Easily refresh CTAs to leads throughout the courting process. For example, say you post a great blog with a CTA to a webinar registration. Over time, as the blog remains popular, that webinar is probably irrelevant now.

With the Smart CTA you’re to update an offer without any additional email barriers to entry, improving the shelf life of your content for lead generation.

2. Personalized experiences

As customers make their way down the funnel, you can serve up different CTAs to drive another action, such as a follow-up consultation or other new offer. Since HubSpot plugs into a number of different platforms like Facebook and Shopify, there is now the ability to unify the experience across different channels.

As a marketer, you have the opportunity to use your social media to generate new leads, build deeper relationships with current prospects and grow new opportunities with existing customers. The Smart CTA is a step in the right direction towards achieving that unity.


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