Precision meets creativity for more customers and brand awareness.

Plus, a hyper-responsive PPC management experience unique to Social Fresh.

PPC Management

Could exceptional creative be YOUR edge on Google, Meta, and beyond?

The key to PPC management success used to be technical mastery. Brands that invested in analytical minds saw significant ROAS.

But the landscape has evolved. Platforms like Google and Meta have leveled the playing field with advanced automation of the technical side.

Now, every company can compete at the same analytical level. And a once-reliable edge is vanishing.

The current market requires a (social) fresh approach, one that AI can’t mimic and competitors can’t easily replicate. The new superpower is unique, narrative-style creative. 

This is what we bring to your brand.

Hey, we’re Nicole & Jason, the team behind Social Fresh.

We’re best known as the creators of the original social media conference and consultancy: Social Fresh.

We’ve built paid search, paid social, and brand campaigns for large enterprises and innovative startups — so we know exactly what brands are up against today.

We’ve learned that good targeting, landing pages, and strategy are not enough anymore. Great creative outperforms.

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Why growing brands choose Social Fresh for PPC management and beyond:


Develop an artistic advantage and earn quality consumer attention in the crowded digital landscape.


When lost time = lost money, stay profitable with our “bat-phone” accessibility and
constant monitoring.

Innovative Strategy

See unheard-of gains
by strategically leaning into the latest trends before audiences
lose interest.

“Thanks to Social Fresh, we completely
redefined our strategy

“Jason and Nicole helped us narrow down our key goals. That’s important because sometimes… you can have 100 ideas but no clear focus. They were able to say, ‘Hey, here are the two TOP goals you should be working on.’

Thanks to Social Fresh, we completely redefined our strategy. For example, we realized that we wanted to increase our commitment on Instagram because we should be trying to target Gen-Z. Social Fresh solved that for us.

I’m so appreciative of getting a whole new strategy. Now, when I pull up our monthly reports, the creative with the highest performance are all the new things we’re experimenting with that we never would have tried or thought of before. We feel more empowered to experiment.

I would definitely recommend Social Fresh hands-down. Really no questions asked. A lot of that is because of their approachability. I was able to reach out with any question I had and get a clear answer.

I would say what Social Fresh delivered was above and beyond what I would have expected.

SVP of Culture, Gate City Bank

The APPEAR Framework



We talk strategy, aligning specific PPC management strategies with your business goals.


We take to the storyboard, turning creative concepts into compelling ads that resonate with your audience.


We track your performance, continuously refining to maximize your ads’ impact in the market.

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The real-world impact of exceptional creative →

   600% social audience growth 
   10K news users for software beta launch
   200% increase in customer acquisition

Stand out in the crowded digital realm.

With PPC management partners you can depend on.