What We Do

We help you stand out from the social media crowd.
We help your customers remember why your business matters.
We do this through events, analysis, and community.

We are your inside edge. By focusing on real results and fresh creative.


Social Fresh Conference
Social Fresh is the original social media conference, hosting training events before most brands had heard the word Retweet. Hosting more than 20 conference since 2008, Social Fresh focuses on producing the highest quality of presentations. We curate one track of top industry leaders from big brands and industry experts, so you don’t have to miss any sessions. Each presentation is intensely actionable with as many examples of great creative as possible. Not only will you learn from the stage, but our events are the best industry networking that you will find. Find our next conference here.
Length: 2-3 days
Audience size: 300-500

The Social Fresh Leadership Retreat
Half mastermind, half mind awakening retreat for your soul. Our leadership retreat is focused for senior social media professionals looking to learn from peers on how to improve their teams, budgets, and overall social strategies. Sessions are discussion focused. Attendees share their real advice and challenges. We bring in outside experts on creativity, wellness, psychology and more to make sure you are getting inspiration from outside your industry. These events are invite only.
Length: 2-3 days
Audience size: 15-30

Team Retreats
Whether you’re a team of two or 200, Social Fresh will lead a planning retreat to produces real results for your social media program. Our event experience helps us understand how your team wants to learn, through the best training sessions as well as the most productive team breakouts. We’ll focus you on the priorities you’ve already identified and advice on other opportunities you might have missed. Team retreats range from a half day to 3 days and can focus on a quarterly refresh or end-of-year annual planning.
Length: Half day to 3 days
Audience size: 3-100

Jason and Nicole are both available as keynote presenters on a wide variety of social media, digital marketing, wellness and creativity topics.


State of Social Media Quarterly Analysis
Our quarterly analysis presentations are done in person by Social Fresh founders, Nicole D’Alonzo and Jason Keath. During a 90 minute live presentation they break down 3 months of deep research on all the social media industry news, platform updates, macro trends, earning reports, brand creative examples and tactical recommendations. 20% of the analysis is tailored to your specific brand’s industries and tactics. The State of Social Media Quarterly Analysis is currently only available to brands and agencies in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Charlotte.
Length: 90 minutes
Audience size: 5-50

Executive Briefing
Social Fresh regularly develops high level reports for executive teams that need to understand macro trends and the business implications of the social media industry. These presentations focus on examples from industry leaders, competitor highlights, predictions on industry trends, and resource investment recommendations.
Length: 90 minutes
Audience size: 3-10

Platform Debrief
What works on Facebook or Instagram today, might not work in a year. Or even in 3 months. To succeed in social, you have to keep up with the macro trends as well as the platform specifics. Whether you need to reset your strategy for Facebook or launch on an emerging social platform, Social Fresh has a tailored debrief for each social network. Includes a deep dive into the best strategy, tactics, and content examples for the platform. Best in class leaders and case studies are highlighted. We discuss platform health, macro trends, and recommendations on agencies and vendors as needed.
Length: 1-4 hours
Audience size: 5-20


We are your secret weapon for connecting with the best talent and matching you to the right vendors.

Working with your existing HR solution or hiring support can help you find a large quantity of people for your social media roles. Social Fresh will help you find the highest quality talent for the role you are looking to fill. Whether you need to find that one perfect social media manager to own your brand voice or a whole team to lead a new product line — we will work with you to find the top talent in the industry.

Talent can make all the difference in the world. It’s the difference whether your team is leading or following. We know what you need to hire for to reach your goals, and we can find the best people.

Agency or Vendor Search
Working with the right agencies and software vendors is crucial in making sure your social strategy jumps off the planning page and lands in reality. We will meet with you to understand more about what you need in your next agency or vendor partner. And then we bring all of our expertise and industry connections to do a full search for the right partners for you.

We will narrow our search down to a few key recommendations and work with you to make a final decision.

Let’s Get Started

Please reach out and let us know how we can help you. The quickest way to get in touch is to send us a note through the Facebook Messenger chat on the bottom right of this page.