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Social Fresh WEST 2013A friend of mine, who does not work in social media, saw one of the taglines we use for Social Fresh conferences “the social media conference you’ve always hoped for” the other day and asked me what it meant.

For those of you that have been to a lackluster conference in the past, you get it.

One of the underlying themes of Social Fresh is to keep things simple. We do this to avoid the mess of putting anyone with a Twitter account on stage.

We avoid panels. We avoid multiple confusing tracks. And we focus heavily on speakers that can hold their own on stage.

All in the name of bringing the latest best practices and success stories that the modern business needs in order to make social media work for them.

When you attend Social Fresh WEST, rest easy in knowing that we have curate the best speakers for you, so you don’t have to.

In San Diego next month, on August 22-23, we are bringing together an incredible group of presenters at Social Fresh WEST 2013. If you have never been to a Social Fresh Conference, this is the one you need to make it to.

Social Fresh WEST 2013 speakers

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I don’t know about that last guy, but the rest of these cats know their stuff. I’m not sure we have ever put together a lineup this strong.

At Social Fresh WEST we will be talking about a lot of industry hot topics. And we will be reviewing some great case studies and success stories. Here’s a list of the topics each of the smart folks above will be covering:

  •  Influencer Marketing Done Right – CC Chapman 
  • Revealing YouTube As A Content Engagement Platform – Kevin Doohan (Case Study)
  • The Content Dilemma: Where To Post What And Why? – Katie Morse (Case Study)
  • 7 Badass Tactics for Slideshare Content Domination – Jason Miller
  • The Secret To Earning Your Fans’ Love – Paula Berg (Case Study)
  • Put A Ring On It: Moving Beyond Social Engagement – Adrian Parker
  • Shared Experience Is The Future of  Branding – Brian Solis
  • Social Media Is Your Mobile Strategy – Tim Hayden
  • Blogger Outreach Goes Native – Eric Gottleb (Case Study)
  • How To Bulid Awareness, Spark Action And Convert Your Social Fans – Storm Tussey (Case Study)
  • Building Brand Value Through Social Customer Service – Chuck Hemann
  • The Difference Between Content Marketing And Great Content – Sarah Evans
  • Taking Flight On Facebook With Southwest Airlines – Christi McNeill (Case Study)
  • How The San Francisco Giants Use Instagram To Bring Fans Closer To The Brand – Bryan Srabian (Case Study)

If you are looking to refresh your social marketing, to catch up on the current trends and best practices, Social Fresh WEST is where you need to be on August 22-23.

Clearly I am biases though, so instead of taking my word, listen to what these smart folks say about Social Fresh Conferences…

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