Red Bull Animates Their Google+ Page Photo Strip

by | Nov 16, 2011

Google+ Pages launched last week and some brands have already started to throw some innovation behind their brand pages.

Red Bull, who has a very healthy network of over 23 million fans on Facebook, has used animated gifs in a very clever way on their profile.

Animated gifs have been a big hit on Google+ since it launched. But we had no idea they could even work in the top photo strip spots on a profile.

To match them all up to display one big beautiful slow motion video clip is genius and really matches with the branding of what Red Bull is all about. Pushing limits, innovating.

The agency behind Red Bull’s efforts is Carrot Creative in Brooklyn.

And this option seems to be available to everyone. We tested it on the Social Fresh Google+ page and it displayed fine, the same as on the Red Bull page.

While clearly their audience on Google+, just over 1,800 followers when this article was published, is not anywhere near their Facebook presence, it is a good sign of confidence in Google to see these brands investing into Google+.

Here are a couple screen shots of the animated images in action. Or you can check it out here for yourself.

You can follow Social Fresh on Google+ here.


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