How this Facebook fan got 68,000 likes of her own


Britney Jones is a mom and shops at Publix.

I know this because she shared this publicly on the Publix Facebook page, along with a pretty great customer service experience in her local grocery store.

Pretty nice to see, but what was so special about this? Well, if you look at the likes on her post you will quickly see something a little out of the ordinary.

68,825 likes and counting.

From a post that is just a couple days old.

Best in Class

We are always looking for Facebook pages that are “best in class” to share with the Social Fresh audience. And the Publix Facebook page falls into that category.

If you check out the Publix Facebook page a little more closely you will see that this note was just one of many positive customer service experiences that fans shared.

Clearly this one went viral and plenty of people agree with Britney, with over 3,000 other Facebook users adding their comments.

A Good Company and Good Social

You have a perfect storm here of Publix doing a great job with their in store customer service and a great job at engaging fans on Facebook.

Publix has almost 1 million fans, and 178,000 people talking about the brand.

Those numbers are huge. Usually the more fans a page has, the harder it is to maintain a large percentage of those fans as active and engaged . The fact that Publix has such a happy and engaged Facebook community, gives a post like this from Britney a good opportunity to spread.

We see a lot of negative brand messages spread on Facebook these days, being shared quickly and becoming a national news story. This time, a very positive brand message is being amplified by fans. And it deserves to be highlighted as well.

UPDATE: A few days later, it happened again (see below). There may be a Facebook newsfeed tweak allowing fan interactions with pages to get int he newsfeed more often. Or these might just be highly viral outliers. Too soon to tell. Although, it is not just happening with Publix, a Target fan explains how it happend to him as well.



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