Is Schick’s Body Grooming Pinterest Contest Risky or Bold?


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prune for june contest

You wouldn’t normally think that Pinterest and female body grooming go together, but Schick is hoping to stand out and attract the pinning crowd with their unique “Prune for June” campaign launched this month.

The contest is centered around five Pinterest boards each dedicated to a different “Trimstyle,” or collection of clothes, food, books, hats, and other things that represent the lifestyle around the topiary stylings one might shave with a Schick Quattro.

That’s right, they’re advertising a four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer to women using Pinterest boards with themed shaving patterns.

They have generated some conversation to say the least.

Users create and submit their own version of the board they think best represents that lifestyle. For which they can win a number of fashion-related prizes selected by each board’s creator, a group of fashion writers, editors, stylists and bloggers:

Rachael Russell

While certainly unique, this campaign is actually a huge win for a number of businesses thanks to the latest enhancements of Pinterest’s platform.

Not only is Schick driving awareness about their products and building a lifestyle marketing campaign, but they’re also helping to drive discovery and even potential purchase of products for retailers by using Pinterest as the conduit between celebrity trendsetters and eCommerce sites.

Fans can click through these curated Trimstyle boards to purchase products directly from the sites themselves anc thanks to Rich Pins you can even see if it’s in stock or not like in this example from Anthropologie.

This is certainly not the first time a bit of locker room humor (as my dad would call it) has been used about body grooming in advertising, though it is hard to judge how many of Schick’s fans are turned off by the in your face campaign.

On the Schick Quattro for Women Facebook page there are both positive and negative responses from their fans (see below).

Schick Quattro for Women Contest Responses

Schick Quatro for Women Contest Responses

As comparisons, Axe’s “Wash Your Balls”  dedicates a whole ten seconds to a golf ball massage, and the classic Philips Bodygroom ad shown below, goes so far as to suggest shaving might give an “optical inch” to a man.

What do you think about the Prune for June campaign and its attempt to market to women? Do you think it’s too edgy? Just right? Risky for the brand if this goes south?

Let us know in the comments.


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