Oreo Features Facebook Fans Daily


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Oreo, with over 24 million Facebook fans, has been doing their Fan of the Week campaign for some time. As long as I can remember.

They ask fans to post a photo to the wall to be considered as fan of the week, where they feature a photo of the fan and the country they are from on their profile photo.

This is great to build edgerank affinity for those posting the photos, great for establishing engagement with fans, and it humanizes their page. You immediately know it is not just about Oreo but is about their community.

“…about our digital vision — Facebook is still at the core. We are focusing on brand love and our community by implementing things like Fan of the Week.” said Kraft Foods Digital and Social Marketing Lead, Beth Reilly.

Fan of the Day

Now Oreo has stepped it up a bit. They have gone to a fan of the day, all 365 days of the year. They can now feature 7 times as many fans. This is quite a large commitment of resources on their end.

This new campaign is officially the “Birthday of the Day” and the chosen fan gets featured on their birthday with “Happy Birthday above their photo.

Oreo is celebrating their 100 year birthday this March. So all year, they will be featuring fans, once a day, as part of the celebration.


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