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Klout launched a preview of their new site refresh today to a few select users. One of the big changes is that the new Klout pulls in even more data to create it’s influence scores.

Previously Klout pulled in less than 100 metrics to create their scores. It now utilizes over 400+ data sources. That is over 4 times as much data. I can’t say how much better the scoring algorithms are, but we will be looking into this for a more informed response. But this much more data is an impressive add on to the service.

From the Founder

We got a quick look at the site refresh from Joe Fernandez, Klout CEO, who shared these thoughts.

“Besides an updated scoring algorithm that increases the number of data sources to over 400 and includes real-world influence from Wikipedia, the big change is the introduction of Klout “moments”. Moments is the story of your influence – it puts more emphasis on showcasing your best content and less emphasis on your raw Score. You will also find a new dashboard that adds a huge layer of transparency by displaying the impact of every interaction on your Score.

We are really proud of this release and hope you like it. There is still a ton of work to do but we feel like this is a huge step towards our mission of helping every person understand and be recognized for their influence.”

Take a look at the new Klout.com and let us know what you think.

Your new Klout profile features your info and influencers on a left hand sidebar and focuses on a big “Moments” section on the right that features your most influential moments of the last 90 days.


Your moments are a collection of the times you significantly engaged your network during the past 90 days. Your older moments will move down your timeline as you continue creating newer ones. Moments are created from your public posts only. Klout will never access your private communications.

Plenty of the same data here, broken out by network a little better, and everything is a little prettier of course. Looks like if you really want to dive into your own Klout data, you can spend more time here now.

Also a part of the dashboard is a new “Interactions” section that details some of your more active social interactions from the last 90 days.


Interactions are actions taken by people on social media to engage with you and the content you create. Klout collects these from the original network, typically within 72 hours, displays them on your dashboard, and posts the time they were collected. It’s possible some interactions might be delayed because of an issue with our partner networks, but we will always work to include every interaction on your dashboard.


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