Getting people to tweet your content is easier than you think


More tweets!Most people are inherently lazy.

No, not you of course… but those “other folks”. Those individuals make up about 90 percent of the digital landscape, at least if you subscribe to the 90/9/1 rule. Though these numbers are highly debatable, the concept at least creates a clearer picture of our responsibility in empowering others to make our content contagious.

According to this rule 90 percent of the social space are only lurking and creeping on content. They are unlikely to create content of their own, merely digital peeping toms.

Then there’s the 9 percent: those that share content as curators of information. These individuals are sharing, spreading, and promoting all of the links they believe best represents they’re brand, identity, or person.

And finally, the 1 percent: The imaginitive folk who actually do the writing, filming, designing, or creating of content – good, great, or crappy.

This is the 90/9/1 rule.

My point is this:


The remaining 90 percent of the digital world, regardless of how great your content is, are near-never going to share your message online. So why exhaust yourself?

Instead, focus on the curators and creators only.

And as your great content is released, the trick is to help nudge your readers with easy sharing opportunities. Besides strategically placing your social buttons, you can offer the easiest of all – pre-packaged social sharing tools.

Here are a few tools to help eliminate some of the friction and empower even the laziest followers to tweet more:


1. Click To Tweet is a website where you create specific tweets you want others to share. You simply write the text, click the “generate” button, and then a link is provided for you to insert wherever you wish.

Once a person clicks the link a message pops up in their status box, click and post.

If you create this tweet to be fun and amazing, you’ll make it as easy as possible for someone to share.

For example:

“Getting people to tweet your content is easier than you think”TWEET THIS

“Want to get more people tweeting your content?”TWEET THIS

2. Pay With a Tweet

Sometimes, you can can give away a ebook, pdf, or anything online for FREE in order to attract possible customers to your site. This “social payment system” offers someone’s social network as a commodity to assist your brand. Boom.

Just fill out the form and get your personal Pay with a Tweet download button and URL –


3. Ask Outright

The final nugget I’ll share with you is the easiest, but not one you want to use too often. Simply asking people to take action is alright once in awhile. Although, a caveat is that you need to have built trust and shared some generosity yourself first.

Could you please share this post?

How about a follow for @angusnelson or @socialfresh?

Ultimately, relationship is the best way for any content to be shared. And the more you offer value to others, through great content or relationship, the easier others will participate in your social efforts.

Be kind, be brilliant, and be bold.


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